Friday, March 26, 2010

Mountain Lake

Another example of a rework. I've been pulling out some work that "bothered me" for one reason or another, this one had a fisherman in it who just had to go. He was competing too much for the scene. My original thought was that he led into the scene, and he really was there! I decided this mountain and lake needs to be enjoyed in all its solitary splendor.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like the scene you've painted here. I enjoy a tranquil mountain scene. Is this a water soluble oil? I did one painting with those and actually really like the medium. I'm thinking of doing acrylics now though as i can not do such a large painting with watercolors. I like your old cars too. They make great subjects don't they?
    Happy painting!

  2. thanks, Ross. I really like your work. I have been painting in water-soluble oils consistently for the past 6 years. Really like just using water and no other solvents. I do love the old trucks, they are really fun, and I keep noticing more details the more I do. Happy painting to you!