Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Simply Taos"

A 6 x 8 on location behind the Millicent Rogers museum at an invitational paintout from the PPANM group. It was fun painting with a group, and their show "Light and Landscape" at the museum was fabulous and well attended. In all, I completed 26 paintings in the 21 days I was there, all on location, except the few larger studio pieces I did on the days it rained all day. These were from photo references I took while on my walks. Staying in Arroyo Seco at the Waters Foundation was inspiring, and simple, as my little casita didn't require much upkeep, except for refilling water jugs. The sunsets and storms were spectacular, and there were wonderful animal sound effects from the little farms nearby. I'm still studying the on location sketches I did, and am not ready to give some of them up, as I learned a lot from the true colors of the place.