Saturday, February 26, 2011

San Luis, Colorado

From a recent trip returning from Taos, the light was wonderful on this colorful barn and trees. I had to stop and get photo references so I could paint it. That glow from the orange trees (even in winter they are orange) and blue shadows gets me every time I pass through this colorful town.

Winter Tree

I did the original painting of this in 2002, after a trip to Taos in winter. The campground was covered in snow, and I loved the patterns and texture. I didn't quite get them right, and passing through Taos recently I got a better look. The campground was still covered in deep snow, and it was a drive-by quick look, but it helped. This is the rework, and I'm more pleased with the variety of texture.

Roses and Grapes

The last silk flower arrangement, with some plastic grapes. The vase is from Siena, always a good idea to buy a souvenier you love and can use. This one is a square format, as I liked the shape better. It gets stretched from the blog format, but it is really square. The others got stretched, too. They are not as wide as the photo makes them.

Peonies and Fruit

Another vase of silk flowers, this time with apples and pears. I've always been in awe of Ovanes Berberian's peonies and peaches, and the buttery strokes and accurate colors of flower and light. I would love to master getting just the right color in just the right place like he does. It's a wonderful challenge to try, and to learn.

Flower Series-Hydrangeas and Pears

After the silk poppies, I decided to do the other silk flowers I got 7 years ago intending to paint them. Good thing they lasted! The pears were not ripe, so I decided to put them in. By the second and third days, I had to eat one, the next painting only has one pear for this reason.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Murano Walk

Painting is 16 x 20 from photo reference of Murano Italy in June, 2005. Loved the huge pink flowering tree hanging over the walkway and out to the canal.

Burano Blue

I loved this scene, with the laundry enhancing the view just as much as the geraniums. Really loved that the laundry was all the same color as the wall. That's what happens when you buy colors you love, everything will match!

Murano Window Garden

Another painting from a photo reference of Venice, Italy 2005. I've wanted to do these for years, and as the current landscape is white, white, and more white, the color was welcome. I love paying attention to the colors in the shadows as well as in the light, and the reflected color adds realism. It's a fun process.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Poppies

I always miss my summer poppies (they only last about a week), and last time I was in Taos, bought these silk ones I keep in a vase to enjoy year round. Poppies don't do well as cut flowers, but I love the bright colors. I put them in front of my window and painted them.