Thursday, August 11, 2011

its August Already!

Confession:I have been painting and not blogging. Life always seems to speed up in August, and this year is no exception. In June, we had a wonderful paint-out and art show for the Pikes Peak Plein Air Painters at 7 Arrows Gallery in Woodland Park. I was thrilled to win an honorable mention award after painting for a week on location

with many talented artists from across the region. This is my submission of aspen on Rampart Range, which I've painted before on location, but never in the evening. The trunks turned really purple with the changing light, and I wanted to capture it. This year, in retrospect, I've noticed most of my paintings contain trees,and I've been drawn to them. I've just learned trees are a symbol of feminine energy. I need this gift from the trees. I'm humbled to realize we intuit more than we know, if we just pay attention.