Sunday, February 14, 2010

Creative Work and Self Care

Living an artist's life(synonymous with a good life, a creative life)is about balance. I must care for myself in order to produce work as an expression of the joy of life and celebrating beauty. Self-care for me can be spending time with friends, creating affordable healthy meals (egg salad in pita pockets) quesadillas with corn and fresh cilantro) homemade split pea soup with Yukon Gold potatoes and carrots. It is also resting when I need to rest, walking when I need to walk. It is knowing my limits, which are different and changing after my car accident in August and being in constant pain. It is not easy, but important. Sharing my struggles with others is difficult for me, but struggles are part of everyone's life, and a common thread to our humanity. Asking for help is even harder, but I respect those most who know what they want and ask for it specifically. I need what I need and it changes (like life itself) and I want to be honest in all of life, not just my paintings. Honesty and the present is where life is. If you are reading this, I ask that you would wish me the courage to be present in the moment with whomever I'm with.

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  1. hi Jerry. I was touched to read this. I struggle with the balance you speak of and think often of how our paintings are affected in some way by how we are doing. When i am depressed or struggling my work is heavy. When i am doing well, the brush is light and the paintings are as well. thanks for sharing some of your journey. I'm sorry to hear of your pain. I experience constant pain as well with arthritis. I wish you the courage to be present in the moment. God bless. ross