Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paint-a-thon in Victor

I did the Victor Celebrates the Arts event this year. Many fine artists attend this plein aire week in a small mining town every Labor Day Weekend. It's really a paint-a-thon as all painting supports are stamped the first day, and then you have a week to turn out 4 paintings to enter in the show at the end of the week. I drove up 2 days (3 days apart) and painted 2 each day. The challenge (and its a good one) is to paint fast. This one of Vindicator Valley and the Teresa Mine, I really wanted to do. I did a studio painting of it last winter and really wanted to paint one on location. The colors and shadows were much more interesting in person, especially in the morning light. And of course, changing drastically in a 2 hour time frame when I was there. The wind was really picking up and I found myself trying to hit a moving target by the time I got out my palette knife to do the detail work. Plein aire really is fun (and work.)I like my results when I paint outside, the work is usually fresh and colorful.

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